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I need to vent

2008-04-23 00:18:14 by amador10

I am just FUCKING tired of the FUCKING ants in our house. They're... they're annoying. They sometimes end up in my glass of water. My glass of water that I ALMOST drank. Then, when night comes, I can barely go out of our house to get water (my kitchen is separated from my house) or food, cause many ants are in the way. And when I'm not careful, they can bite my feet. It's painful if they bite my feet. Not to mention there are many of them just waiting for us outside our door. GOD DAMMIT.

Anyway Newgrounds, thanks for letting me vent. You may now resume your regularly scheduled program if you have one.


2008-04-06 21:35:12 by amador10


News Post...

2007-11-16 04:24:15 by amador10

...that will certainly not get any replies.

At all.

Just trying this news thing.