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October MWC

2009-10-18 00:43:55 by amador10

"Welcome to the Upper Crust!"

He was a short 16-year-old boy. His appearance is nowhere near that of a man who belongs to the upper crust. He had dirty tattered clothes, unkempt hair, and burnt skin. His face featured big, round, tired eyes, dry, flaky lips, and a mucus-riddled nose. He looked rather emaciated, and his rumbling stomach proves just that.

"And you are... Buster Pollock?"


"Very well then, Mr. Pollock. Two Upper Crust guards will escort you to your room. In the morning, a stewardess will fetch you to give you a tour of the Upper Crust. I trust that you will enjoy your stay here."

Two hovering cylinders instantaneously appeared next to Pollock. They had a circuitous surface where jolts of electricity constantly flow. An ominous humming noise could be heard coming from inside their bodies as they levitated around the malnourished boy. As time passed on, the noise became louder and louder, and they paced faster than ever. Soon, the cylinders were as fast as a tornado, and Pollock is caught in the eye. The storm picked up speed, and as it did, his vision of reality started to fade away before his very eyes. Everything started to shatter into the great hurricane like they were glass-like puzzle pieces. The gigantic tornado started to shrink, still retaining its impossibly fast speed while cramming in the pieces of reality it caught. Now trapped in an eternally-spinning kaleidoscope of reality, Pollock became amazed and frightened at the same time, partly because of the nature of the tornado, and partly because he is in the tornado.

Slowly, however, the speed at which every speck of creation is coming at him started to lessen, and soon, everything was at a complete halt except for Pollock. He looked at everything around him, seeing everything Earth had to offer. He saw a beautiful meadow where the sun shone very brilliantly, a mob ganging up on a hunchback woman, and a gargantuan tower on a desolate plane. He tried to touch the sun overlooking the grasslands, but when he touched it, every single piece fell down, revealing before him a plane of infinite white.

"Am I... in my room?" he said to himself, not actually expecting a response.

"Yes, Mr. Pollock."

It was a woman's voice, and Pollock was quite surprised to hear it.

"Welcome to the Upper Crust, sir. According to our records, you are the grandson of Mr. Richard Pollock, a former resident of the Upper Crust."

Pollock didn't even know he had a grandfather. He was raised by two garbage collectors outside the Upper Crust. They lived off of scraps from waste dumps and garbage cans. And just as how quick trash is disposed of, those two people simply threw him out of their lives.

He never heard from them since.

"According to his will, he wanted to give his residency in the Upper Crust to the youngest member of his bloodline. It so happened that you were that youngest member, Mr. Pollock, so we welcome you here in the Upper Crust."

It didn't matter to him that he was dead. He didn't even know the guy. What was more important to him was the matter of his bed.

"Let me teach you on the mechanics of the Upper Crust rooms, Mr. Pollock. This room, along with all others like it, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that gives you full control over the said room and all that could be in it. It is equipped with the Upper Crust Leisure Neuron Scanner, which scans the neurons which visualize what you want your room to be, and produces a picture of it. The picture is then processed by the Upper Crust Nanotech Dream Controller, which then creates a carbon copy of the picture in your mind with nanotechnology."

Pollock's eyes widened with wonder. He tried to imagine a simple room with a soft bed and a lava lamp. And just as described by the woman, nanobots rose up from the ground and formed a room with two small desks, a soft bed, brown, striped walls, and a lava lamp. However, he still wonders about how to get out. Not only that, he also wants to know how he gets to eat, change clothes, and bathe. Windows also strayed into his mind.

"Don't worry about doors. If you want to get out of your Upper Crust room, you'll immediately find yourself outside. Teleportation technology allows you to go wherever you want as long as you're in the Upper Crust. With windows, you can just imagine them as well. There is no limit to how vast your room could be. Bathrooms follow that rule as well. Soap, shampoo, and other essentials automatically appear with the creation of the bathroom. You may image clothes too; however, there is no actual need. You could just change up your own clothes by imagining a new set. The new set will automatically replace the old. Food, however, works differently."

A desk drawer suddenly opened. In it were plates and glasses turkey, bacon, meat pie, mango juice, and water.

"Food will be delivered to you every time you wake up, every time noon strikes, and every time before you sleep, so long as you're inside your Upper Crust room. If you're outside your Upper Crust room, you may go to the Upper Crust cafeteria, where our robot waiters will gladly serve you the best food we have to offer. Seasonal music also plays in the background every time you call for it, whether it be in the cafeteria or in your room."

Just as she said that, the song "The Best Pies in London" played in the background as Pollock happily munched on the tasty meat pie dessert. He would finish the turkey and bacon later.
"Here at the Upper Crust, we are always happy to serve you. Tomorrow will be the grand Upper Crust tour. It will start as soon as you wake up and eat your breakfast, and will end about ten hours later."

"Shanksh," Pollock said while biting on a turkey leg.

"Good night, Mr. Pollock, and may you have sweet dreams."

The food was scrumptious. Pollock wanted to eat some more, but he was tired. He imagined himself some pajamas and went to sleep. The bed was soft, he thought to himself as he quickly drifted off to sleep.


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