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a dream

2009-05-15 01:29:46 by amador10

First thing I see is that good ol' Tommy is with us, and some monsters having the big mouth of Slowpokes and weird, different eyes. Once these monsters bite us, we become like them. We try to escape and we see some sort of weird room where there are colored glass common in churches. Tommy then sees his dad, Stu. Stu is GIGANTIC. He gets Tommy and plays with him in his rocking chair while we struggle to get down. One of us got out, and then I wake up.



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2009-05-15 02:01:54

Hello, I am a programmer desperately looking for an artist and a musician.
I make video games for a living and have 5+ years experience with AS3.

Here are my latest works: /
492477 /

Hope you'll consider me!!!!!

amador10 responds:

talk about desperate...