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The Assassin

2008-12-13 09:58:24 by amador10

"Good morning to you all," said the man in the coat and tie. He was intelligent, that man. Very intelligent for his own good. He knows far too much, and must be exterminated.

I have prepared my USMC DMR. I have more than enough bullets to kill everyone in the room. No one can see me from my spot. The door towards the corridor has been jammed by my colleague. There is no escape. Nothing could go wrong now, my dears. You are all going to have a quick and painless death. It is not my favorite kind of death, though, but it is the kind best suited for this kind of mission.

I pull the trigger. A soft bang. Headshot. Down goes the man in the coat and tie. 5 men try to leave, 2 panic, 3 jump out the window. They fall down the tall building. Plummet. They're dead now. 7 are left. I then remember that they have mouths. I look towards the rooms beside that one. No one there. I'm safe. Another bullet goes through another man. His glasses fall and crack. His head falls on them. He's dead. It's almost too easy.

6 are left. I aim for the head of the panicky one. Boom. Another headshot. He falls to the floor. Dead. At this point all five of them are panicking. This is one of my easiest missions yet. I aim at the head of another fellow. He looks at me. I pull the trigger too soon and miss. His eyes penetrated through me like a sharp knife, as if he has seen me. I quickly reload and OH MY GOD HE HAS A GU--

I open my eyes. I'm in a dark room. It has some light but it's still relatively hard to see. It's a miracle I'm still living. That bullet went through my head. I try to get up. I can't. It feels like I'm all tied up. Footsteps. I hear them. They slowly get louder. It means they're coming. Who are they? Why am I here? Why am I still alive?

The door opens. 2... things. I can't tell. They are wearing trenchcoats and fedoras. I can't really make it out. They come near me and I still can't make it out. They raise a finger. They slowly point it towards my bullet wound. Suddenly some sort of mechanism comes out of one's sleeves. It glows radiantly, almost as if having much power. It's very OH MY GOD IT HURTS AHH ARRGHH IT HURTS IT HURTS

Oh dear god why. They actually fit in that mechanism through my bullet wound. I realize some things afterwards. Fun facts really. I knew this one. I knew that. God this is OH DEAR GOD WHY AHHH NOOO TOO MUCH THIS IS TOO MUCH AHHHHH

Ahahahahaha. Ey guys? Can you let me out now? Ahahahahaha, I seem to be in the wrong place, I need to be in Jupiter in 10 minutes. I'm gonna be the Prince of Wishful Thinking, you see. I'm gonna revolutionize the universe, eh? Guys? Don't leave me here, guys, we've still got a legacy to consider! WE WILL DESTROY TRAITOR YURI! IS THIS ALL THE GODS COULD THROW AT US!? YOU FOOLS!

I suddenly remember this man. I think he was the one who is stupid. Bushy, that guy. He wanted me to kill some guy with the magic bullet found in the Grass Knoll, you see. He hired me from the depths of hell to exterminate some guys. He said I can have fun with them. Are you the people I killed? Tell me. I am getting bored by these colors of awe and wonder. I wonder if I'm gonna die in 5 minutes. I wonder if there's a conspiracy going on and this thing is actually for me to go insane, haha. Tell me, little dearies, have I lost it? Is it too much to ask of my status? Hey dearies, Are you still there?

Hehehhehehehehhe... Hoooo, this getting tied up till rotting is becoming very boring. Do you have the time and date, pillow? Oh look, a man in all black lookin' all spy like. Hello there! What's your name? Shh? I don't think that's a proper name for ya, ya hear me here!? I dub you Chair, after my friend here! Don't you think he's a very nice guy? Hey, where are you going!? I want to tell you some stuff! I know where to take the right turn to Albaqurque! God dammit. It's getting lonely in here.

Wait, didn't that guy I tried to kill last had the same mechanism as I had now? Hehehe... I couldn't remember actually. How about you, Pillow? Do you remember? How about you, Chair? Do you remember? Sigh, I wish I had someone to talk to, actually. I also yearn for the day I finally eat. Speaking of which, I'm really, really, really hungry. Do you still have the time, Chair? How about you, right-face wall? Mmhmm... You do say? Well I must be sleeping now, I see. I shall commence my daily activities again tomorrow, my friends. Till we meet again...



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2008-12-13 10:30:03

"sigh" Good Ending


2009-03-24 23:31:47

That's some story. %u0CA0_%u0CA0


2009-03-24 23:32:45

oops i made a mess sorry.