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2008-05-27 04:08:50 by amador10

This is "MOO!". It involves cows. And aliens.

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This is "BeastEnders". I don't know what it is.

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Also, this is Cromartie High School. It's episode 10. This anime has a robot, a gorilla, and a guy that looks like Freddie Mercury in it.

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2008-05-27 04:23:29

Hey amador10,

Man that is weird. Especially the Beast Enders movie, thats really weird.

amador10 responds:

Indeed it is, DestroyedPencil. Indeed it is.


2008-06-01 08:29:47

man that shit is just sick

amador10 responds:

Look at BME Pain Olympics then tell me which is sicker.


2008-06-03 23:06:14

Wtf was that all about?!
LegendaryAwesome was here! Visit and comment on my userpage and you will get a cookie!

amador10 responds:

It's about discovery, suspense and the deformation of human flesh.


2008-06-14 08:00:22

Cows would totally own aliens.

amador10 responds:

One day the aliens will make a horrible mistake while turning cows into their gas and they will become their downfall. But no matter who wins, we lose.